Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cat 911

"SVU, Detective Munch."

“Hello, Special Victim's Unit? I can't find my kitten. I think he's been cat-napped…”

“Sorry Ma'am, that's not a police job. Try the ASPCA.”

“But you don't understand... this is a very intelligent cat. He is almost human. He can practically talk.”

‘Well, you'd better hang up, Ma'am. He may be trying to call you right now.”

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  1. No... really I'm alright. Just a little stagefright.


  2. man, that pic is FUNNY. good call!

  3. thanks for visiting. are you some sort of french speaker? i hope you don't mind, but my friend who made that avo pic also likes pictures of cats. pictures, not the actual cats because he is allergic. can you imagine...

    anyway i borrowed the pic to send. thanks again!


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