Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Classy at The SAG Awards

Dear Richard & Harlee...

You two are beautiful....
May you always be together.

You are in my prayers.
With lots of love,
Your "Kid Sis,"
Katie Kat.
Richard Belzer & Harlee McBride at the 12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards
(c)2006 Digital Hit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Photographer: Christine Lambert
(Thanks Christine for such a perfect photo....)


  1. nice suit though

    interestingly the katz and reni gave the photographer more credit than they get in most mainstream publications you rarely see their name just the place where the photograph was attained from.

  2. i havent been ina coupledum for over 6 years now ... do you think i've forgotten how ? *sighs* you guys look so lovely, makes me think i need ... or want ... a steady boyfriend *winks*

  3. Thanks ashling for the lovely comments... I'll pass them along when I'm in France.



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