Monday, May 01, 2006

That Fell Down

"The act evolves out of yourself--but not intellectually. It gathers emotionally inside you, in a strange way a by-product of struggle, of a willingness to do anything, try anything, expose yourself to anything--staying in motion. Because sooner or later those ripples will cause change. This paying your dues, appearing again and again and again on every sort of stage in front of every kind of audience, until you gradually acquire technique and stage identity, which is not you, but has your passion, your hurts, your angers, your particular humour.

This is a birth process, and it can be painful."

-Joan Rivers, Enter Talking.


  1. the abbility to expose you're self to anything without any feelings of embarasment and to except thing as they are is the death of neurosis [the psycological state not the band] ironically without neurosis we wouldn't need commidians which is good cos without neurosis they wouldn't have any thing to talk about anyway.

  2. Comedy is Truth and Pain...



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